The District Grand Priory of Queensland and Papua New Guinea

Constituted 1937 - 11 Preceptories

Roll No:  Year Constituted  Preceptory  Meeting Place  Musters Held  Time 
60  1929  Brisbane St. Andrews  Bldg 21 Garden City Office Park 2040 Logan Rd Eight Mile Plains Brisbane QLD  fourth Wednesday, Feb, May, Aug & Oct (I)  7.30pm 
66 1934 Robert the Bruce  Masonic Centre Minnie St Cairns Queensland  second Monday, Feb, May, Aug, Nov. fourth Sat, Sept (I)  Installation at 10am all others 7.30pm 
77 1946  Queensland St. John  Sinnamon Masonic Centre 671 Seventeen Mile Rocks Rd Sinnamon Park 4073 Brisbane QLD  third Wednesday, March, May, July, Sept, & Nov (I)  7.30pm 
84 1948  Warrington  Masonic Centre Banner Street Bray Park 2479 NSW  third Saturday, March, July, & Nov (I)  3.00pm NSWtime 
94 1955  The Tableland  Masonic Centre Golf Links Road Atherton Queensland  second Friday, March, & June: fourth Sat, Sept (I)  Installation at 10am all others 7.30pm 
118 1973  Petrie  James F. English Masonic Hall Dux Street Caboolture  third Saturday, Jan, April, July & Oct (I)  9.30am 
157 1985 Iona  Clayfield School of Art Wagner Road & Vine Street Clayfield Brisbane  first Tuesday, Feb, May, Aug, & Nov (I)  7.30pm 
165 1988  Robert McIntyre  Southport Masonic Hall 776 Nerang Road Southport 4215 Queensland  third Monday, Feb, May, August, & Nov (I)  7.00pm 
167 1988  Beenleigh  Masonic Hall 58 George Street Beenleigh Queensland  fourth Tuesday, Jan, April, July, & Oct (I)  7.30pm 
178 2001 Sir William McGregor  Masonic Centres Mt. Hagen, Madang, Port Moresby, Rabael Papua New Guinea   Dates, times & venues convenient from time to time. Installation arranged.  To be confirmed