The Overseas District

5 Preceptories

Roll No:  Year Constituted  Preceptory  Meeting Place  Musters Held  Time 
22  1904  Simonstown  De Goede Hoop Masonic Centre 6 Bouquet Street Cape Town   fourth Tuesday, Jan, March (Installation on 1st Sat) May, July, Sept, & Nov  7.30pm 
110  1967  Lima  The Halcones, Street No.521, Surquillo, Lima, Peru   4th Tuesday of every month  8:00pm 
116 1969 Jerusalem  Masonic Hall Jr. Washington No. 1125 Lima Peru   first Monday, of each month.  To be confirmed 
143 1982 Munali  Masonic Hall Lusaka Zambia   last Friday, June, Sept, & Nov (I)  To be confirmed 
159 1986 Ruiru  Freemasons Hall Nyere Road Nairobi (PO Box 41148)   second Saturday, March, June, Sept & Nov (I)  10.00am 
    Windhoek M.H. 38 Robert Mugabe Ave., Windhoek, Namibia  1st Wed Feb, May, Nov. 1st Sat Aug (I) 2:00pm