The Knights Prayer
Lord Jesus Christ,
as knights of Temple and of Malta,
we come into your presence to dedicate not our swords
but our hearts,
not our arms but our hands in your service,
May our swords be your cross;
our banner, your love, our spurs your passion;
and our charge, your charge to the disciples,
be pleased to accept us as we are, and make us what we ought to be,
for your own Name's sake we ask it,

The Armorial Bearings

The Great Priory of Scotland matriculated arms in 1923. The Blazon is as follows:-

'Argent, a Cross Patee Sable, charged with another of the last, fimbriated of the field and surmounted of a third Gules, fimbriated Or' : Above the shield is placed a helmet befitting its degree with a Mantling Gules doubled Argent and issuing from the helmet is set for Crest a Mitre proper encircled with an antique crown Or and in an Escrol over the same this motto Pour La Foy behind the shield are placed two spiers in saltire proper, that on the dexter having pendant therefrom a gonfannon Parted per fess Sable and Argent and that on the sinister another Argent, a cross patee Gules, both fringed Or.

Dated and sealed the first day of March in the thirteenth year of the Reign of George 5th (1923).

Signed: - Sir James Balfour Paul, Lyon.

Heraldry in Scotland

Scotland's Heraldic Legislature is unique in Global Terms!

Amazing though it may seem, no other country in the world has Heraldry regulated and controlled in the way Scotland has.

In this respect Scotland's heraldic legislature is the envy of the heraldic world!

The Ancient Office of Lord Lyon King of Arms is a uniquely Scottish one.

The Lord Lyon is a Judge in his own court, pity not many Scots are aware of this fact.

It is quite common for new Scots peers and others to record armorial bearings elsewhere - in places like England for example!

only to find that they cannot "use" these arms publicly in Scotland without submitting their new arms to The Lyon Court in Scotland for acceptance and approval.

Had they approached Lyon Office in the first place, much expense might have been spared these thrifty Scots!