The District Grand Priory of The Caribbean

Constituted 1823 - Re-Constituted 1973 - 5 Preceptories

Roll No:  Year Constituted  Preceptory  Meeting Place  Musters Held  Time 
18  1900  Trinidad Kilwinning  The Temple Mount Zyon 9 Herbert Street St. Clair Port of Spain  Third Monday, Jan, April, July: Oct (I) or first Sat, Nov (I)  7.30pm 
93  1955 Scotia  Masonic Hall Spry Street St. Michael Bridgetown  third Friday, March, June, Sept: & Oct (I)  Installation at 6pm others 8.00pm 
112  1968  Victory  Masonic Hall 12 Wellington Street Lacytown Georgetown  fourth Thursday, Jan, April, July, & Oct (I)  To be confirmed 
175 1996  Phoenix  Masonic Temple 4/6 Ruth Avenue Les Efforts West San Fernando  third Tuesday, Feb, May, Aug: Last Fri Oct (I)  7.00pm 
182 2003 St. Giles  Masonic Hall Spry Road St. Michael Barbados  first Tuesday, Feb, June, August & Nov (I)  To be confirmed