The District Grand Priory of Ayrshire

Constituted 1910 - 10 Preceptories

Roll No:  Year Constituted  Preceptory  Meeting Place  Musters Held  Time 
2 1804 Muirkirk  IFE Wing Burns Avenue Muirkirk KA18 3RT  second Wednesday, Sept to April: Oct (I)  7.30pm 
5 1806 Moira Union  Masonic Temple London Road Kilmarnock KA3 7AD  third Monday, Sept to April: Oct (I)  7.30pm 
11  1856 Ayr  Masonic Hall 43 Berelands Road Prestwick KA9 2JT  fourth Tuesday, Jan to April, & Sept to Nov (I)   7.30pm 
15 1891 Hurlford  Masonic Hall 2/4 Riccarton Road Hurlford KA1 5AQ  fourth Thursday, Jan to April, & Sept to Nov (I)  7.30pm 
16 1892 Catrine & Sorn  Masonic Temple 108 Main Street Auchinleck KA18 2AG  fourth Wednesday, Jan to April, & Sept to Nov: Oct (I)  7.30pm 
28  1906 Garnock Vale  Masonic Hall 14 New Street Dalry KA24 5AG  second Saturday, Jan to April: Sept, & Oct: third Fri, Nov (I)  6.30pm 
78 1947 Crosbie  Masonic Hall 119 Portland Street Troon KA10 6QN  first Tuesday, Oct, Nov (I) Dec, Feb, March, & April:  7.30pm 
88 1951 Cunningham  Masonic Hall 16 Bank Street Irvine KA12 0AD  first Wednesday, Sept to May, Oct (I)  7.30pm 
177 2000 Loudoun Castle  The Barr Castle Barr Street Galston KA4 8HU  fourth Saturday, Sept, Oct (I) Feb & April.   2.00pm 
185 2010 The Preceptory and Priory of Brisbane at Largs  The Masonic Temple Fraser Street Largs KA30 9HP  first Thursday, Sept to Dec, Feb to April: Nov (I)  7.30pm