The District Grand Priory of New South Wales - Australia

Constituted 1882 - Re-Constituted 1922 - 7 Preceptories

Roll No:  Year Constituted  Preceptory  Meeting Place  Musters Held  Time 
29  1908 Kintore  Bondi Masonic Centre 140 Bondi Road Bondi  third Monday, Feb, April, July & October (I)   7.30pm 
53  1922 Granville  Concord West Masonic Centre 315 Concord Rd Concord West NSW  fourth Saturday, Feb, third Saturday, June, fourth Saturday, August (I)   12 Noon 
57 1926  Waverley  Masonic Hall Marcia Street Hurlstone Park  fourth Wednesday, Feb, May, Aug, & November (I)  7.30pm 
80 1947 St. George  Eastern Suburbs Masonic Centre Anzac Parade Kensington NSW  second Wednesday, March, June, Sept (I) & December.  7.30pm 
152 1984  CCampbell  Masonic Centre 94 Rossi Street Yass NSW  1st Saturday - Feb, 2nd Saturday - May, 4th Saturday - July and , October (I)  11.00am 
153 1984  St. Lukes  Masonic Centre William Street Gosford NSW  fifth Tuesday, March, June, September (I)  7.30pm 
171 1991  Port Macquarie  Hastings Masonic Centre Burrawan Street Port MacQuarrie NSW   second Wednesday, February, May, August & November (I)  7.30pm