Welcome to the Great Priory Website

It is some time since I have put pen to paper but now that my Installation and Enthronement are well past it would seem appropriate to start what will I hope be reasonably regular updates to our The Great Priory website.

For me and for my family the Enthronement week-end was like a fairy tale. Everything seemed to go so well. I do hope that all who attended had as good a time as I did. I extend my personal thanks to our many guests for their attendance and for enhancing our Ceremonial. I also again extend my thanks to all who assisted in any way with the Installation and the Enthronement. This hard work was greatly appreciated. I am indebted to our Immediate Past Grand Master, M. Em. Fr. David Niven for all his support, friendship and assistance. I am sure that all of us in Great Priory wish him a speedy return to health after his operation.

Since being Installed I have undertaken numerous duties and engagements all of which have proved to be both enjoyable and productive.

During my term as Grand Master I hope to visit as many Preceptories as possible. An initial schedule of visits has been drawn up. If something special is taking place within a Preceptory please inform the Great Priory Office. If it is at all possible I will attend to add my support. Dates will be included in the Great Priory website.

Great Priory will be undertaking an appeal on behalf of Erskine Hospital. Funds will be raised by the selling of special lapel pins. No other formal appeal will be made but if any Frater, Preceptory or Distict wishes to make a donation it will be greatly received. It is likely that Great Priory will add to the amount collected.

In conclusion I extend my warmest wishes to you all. I do hope that during the summer you will get the chance to relax with your families in the sun (written as the rain batters off my window).

James Hodge, Grand Master

Most Eminent & Reverend Grand Master

Grand Master