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My visit to Australia is now but a fond memory. The Scottish summer has washed the last of the Australian sand from my shoes. I do extend my thanks to the District Grand Priors, Past District Grand Priors, Officers and Fratres of the District Grand Priories of Queensland and Papua New Guinea, Tasmania and New South Wales for their friendship, hospitality and for all their hard work on behalf of the Order in Australia.

I also thank those Officers of Great Priory who accompanied me and assisted in making all the Installations so successful.

At this time of the year we have a number of District Church services. On Sunday last I attended the Service of the District Grand Priory of South East Scotland which was held in Sancta Maria Abbey. I do enjoy visiting this Abbey as I find it a place of comfort and tranquillity. It was good to see so many families present and especially to see so many children. Children are the real joy bringers, they are our future and are to be nurtured. Joy as I have said must be a part of our Order.

In my own District of Ayrshire our Church service was always referred to as our Annual Pilgrimage, A term I feel to be very appropriate in terms of who we are and what we do. Travelling to Sancta Maria Abbey in Nunraw always feels like a pilgrimage as it's not the easiest place to find. Though when we consider it, it's an easy pilgrimage compared to the pilgrimages of old and indeed of many still undertaken today. We may have exchanged our pilgrim's weeds for the mantle of the Order yet in our hearts we remain and ever will be simple pilgrims on a spiritual journey.

This year we did not assemble outside before going to the Chapel but simply walked round the Cloisters. I found this to be very in keeping with the day. Conversations dimmed with every step till silence prevailed. It seemed to me that every step taken moved us further from the outside and nearer to our spiritual centre. Entering the Chapel to the singing of the congregation felt like a celebration of arrival.

Fratres I ask you all, where ever possible, to attend District Services and join with your Fratres and with your Brothers and Sisters in Christ in worship. This is part of how we define ourselves as Christian and is I believe an obligation that we must accept as members of thus Order.

I wish you and your families a pleasant summer recess and look forward to being with you in the near future.

James Hodge, GCT

Most Eminent & Reverend Grand Master

Grand Master
On Monday 2nd November 2015 the Grand Master James Hodge presented a cheque for £1500 to Erskine Hospital which cares for ex service men and women this afternoon, on behalf of the Great Priory of Scotland.

You can discover more about Erskine here